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Galecstasy is the recording/composition/performance duo of Primary Mystical Experience and Raquel Bell. Based in Los Angeles, California USA the two musicians explore new sonic territory through synthesizers and creative recording at their recording studio. Bell composed music in New York City and toured internationally making experimental music and performing with the Harry Partch orchestra with all of his original instruments. She is also a student of choreographer Deborah Hay, exploring metaphysical principles in biological terms. Bell’s solo recording project is LEAFBLOWER. Jared Marshall (Primary Mystical Experience) met Bell in Austin Texas where he ran a recording studio and performed regularly and was a central figure in the developing modular synthesizer scene. The duo both have a long background in experimentation and improvisation drawing from the pulsating psychedelic jazz movement of the late 60’s-70’s including the “Joyful Noise” as coined by Sun Ra and expanding into electronics and modern synthesizers. Both artists lean into the Aquarian Age concept of crossing Spirituality with Technology. They have synthesizer/ambient physical releases on Umé Records (Japan), Mystery Circles (USA), Aural Canyon (USA).