Stone Flute

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Cosmic-synth album from Experimental, Ambient Psych Duo Galecstasy.

An Aural Odyssey, Conjuring the Ancient Tones of a Forgotten World.

The album was entirely conceived and recorded in, and around, the majestic landscapes of Joshua Tree National Park in the magnificent high desert of southern California. From atop the mountain, the two sonic surveyors were witness to a 360 degree view of the stars at night. From above, the giant rocks looked like immense wise faces looking up at the sky, or even huge bodies resting on the Earth and looking up at space. It was during this time that Galecstasy started a ritual that ended up being called the “Moon Cruise”. This would involve waiting for the full moon to rise and then driving into the national park after dark. They would turn off the headlights of the car and drive slowly through the alien landscape lit up by the moon. Boulder fields took on the shape of temples; faces carved into the rocks everywhere they looked; giant heads with smiles or haunting expressions; and the knowledge that people had been living, dancing, and making music here for thousands of years. It was during these enchanting escapades that ‘Stone Flute’ was conceived.  

In the mountain-top recording studio, the band were utilizing every potential space to tap into the best vibrations the land had to offer. Where the mic was placed: Perhaps a giant boulder once stood, or an ancient tree. One could feel the different energies of every room. The fireplace in the living room was built of giant lava rocks for the music to swirl around. Sounds would spill and climb around the house.  

“The living room was just a beautiful tangle of synthesizers and plants. It was an inspiring place to make great records. We channeled the music of the boulders buoyed by the energy shooting up from the fault lines. The good feelings emanated from the studio, it had become our own temple and the birthplace of ‘Stone Flute’.”  


Galecstasy is the recording/composition/performance duo of Primary Mystical Experience and Raquel Bell. Based in Los Angeles, California USA the two musicians explore new sonic territory through synthesizers and creative recording at their recording studio. Bell composed music in New York City and toured internationally making experimental music and performing with the Harry Partch orchestra with all of his original instruments. She is also a student of choreographer Deborah Hay, exploring metaphysical principles in biological terms. Bell’s solo recording project is LEAFBLOWER. Jared Marshall (Primary Mystical Experience) met Bell in Austin Texas where he ran a recording studio and performed regularly and was a central figure in the developing modular synthesizer scene. The duo both have a long background in experimentation and improvisation drawing from the pulsating psychedelic jazz movement of the late 60’s-70’s including the “Joyful Noise” as coined by Sun Ra and expanding into electronics and modern synthesizers. Both artists lean into the Aquarian Age concept of crossing Spirituality with Technology. They have synthesizer/ambient physical releases on Umé Records (Japan), Mystery Circles (USA), Aural Canyon (USA).