Grovesnor is the main project of Rob Smoughton, a 29 years old gentleman from London, UK.

Grovesnor’s latest track, ‘Nitemoves’, appears on the Hot Chip DJ Kicks compilation released in June 2007.

Grovesnor played drums in the early days of Hot Chip.

Grovesnor was invited to tour with Hot Chip throughout the UK in 2006.

Grovesnor has currently a 7” (Nitemoves/Wallflowers) out on Hi-Beat records.

Grovesnor is an electro-soul artist as well as a talented songwriter and arranger.

Grovesnor could be your modern day cutting-edge Phil Collins/Lionel Richie.

Grovesnor loves keyboards and electric guitar solos.

Grovesnor is currently working on new songs for his first album and would love to have it produced by John McEntire or Morgan Geist.

Grovesnor looks ‘like a teacher but sings like Usher’ (according to