Vowels is a band comprising James Rutledge and drummer Chris Walmsley. Like all Rutledge’s other work, it’s deep on the sonics, meticulously crafted and truly mesmerising.

Krautrock at heart, it’s a brutal and cosmic melange of sound and rhythm, where Terry Riley like keyboard motifs entwine with Battles intensity drumming and clouds of audio detritus, gamelan gongs, rewired synthesisers and clashing feedback guitars.

Oscillating between pools of crystal clear ambience and miasmic clouds of dense noise, it somehow manages to span whole decades of musical exploration: the fractured psych dreams of The United States of America, the dense weave
of Stockhausen’s Hymnen, the intensity of Conrad Schnitzler era Tangerine Dream, the mind altering drones of Growing and the ferocious sonic assault of Boredoms.