Black Devil Disco Club

Magnetic Circus

They say the devil has many faces and that may be true but who would have thought that all these faces could be so attractive….so captivating and so strange.

For this collection of different versions of tracks from the ‘Circus’ album, Black Devil has persuaded others to reveal their devilish personas whilst also revealing more of his own.

And what a mysterious collection of music we have….from Nazca Lines synthetic romance, Junior Claristidge’ futuristic space jams, Ed DMX’s cold wave chills, Leo Zero’s Star Wars disco, Eckman’s Mozart in Orbit opus, Sauvage’s amazing freak folk hoedown and of course the Devil’s own dubs, which strip away the original layers to reveal a glittering diamond skeleton.

Since his re emergence in 2006, Black Devil has proven himself to be a master of electronic music, ‘the Ennio Morricone of disco’. His music has been described as being like ‘Joy Division produced by Giorgio Moroder’ and it came as no surprise when so many legendary figures agreed to work with him on the original ‘Circus’ album. You’ll find some of them like Nancy Sinatra and John Spencer on this album….lost in the ‘Magnetic Circus’.

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