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New Shoots

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Released: Feb 9th 2018

After seeing releases from a host of new artists last year, Lo Recordings presents ‘New Shoots’; a round up compilation of 2017 and an introduction to 2018 with 5 of our picks from 2017’s releases and 5 new offerings from Hatchback, Body-San, World Air, Hi & Saberhägen and SMBD.

Each artist showcases what they do best in the new material on ‘New Shoots’…

World Air maintains his signature sound with ‘Gherkin’; innocent and playful FM synths riding through live percussive drums.

Longing nostalgia warms through Hi & Saberhägen’s ‘Rare Obi Strip’, driven with distorted tape pads and saturated thumping drums.

Electronic weirdness and experimentation glitches away on SMBD’s ‘Saturn Night’, flaunting his technical skill and palette.

Body-San breathes new life to new material from Hatchback, offering a blissful ‘coastal burner’ touch on his remix of ‘Creamwave Dreamcave’. Another one for the sun rise crew.

Finally, after a brief hiatus, Hatchback makes his long over due return with ‘The Video Suite’, a light and bouncy new age journey. We’re excited to say that this is a taster for his forthcoming album due later this year.