Journey in Onarimon


The second of the series ‘Maps of Inner Space’

In the pain born of the mind that separates, we may think that we must choose either to be an activist working for world peace or a meditator seeking peace within herself. We think we must choose between the material world or the spiritual world. In reality there is no separation…All things are infused with the spirit. There can be no world peace without individuals finding peace of heart and mind and peace within their family, friend and work relationships. To be a whole person is the challenge of today. To bring the awakened mind to each task, however large or small, is what is being asked of us today…Meditation is a pathway home. Diane Mariechild  Crystal Visions 1985

Celestial waves and terrestrial vibrations by Sam Grawe & Jon Tye

A Hatchback / Ocean Moon Production

Guitar by Kensuke Saito