Having already blessed the airwaves with their masked Boiler Room performance, and with releases and features seen on YUME, Huntley’s & Palmers, Permanent Vacation and Anthony Napel’s Probito, the promising talents of Edinburgh duo Hi & Saberhägen continue on Lo with ‘Acid Finger’.

The five track EP showcases exactly what the pair are known for; exploring the balance of the subtle and direct natures of dance music. There is something extremely unique about their productions that breathes new life into an arguably static climate.

‘Acid Finger’ travels from highs to lows at a consistent and coherent pace, starting with the sparkling, disco tinged ‘Forcé Boîte’. Euphoric heights are executed through light flourishing synth lines, drum patters and chord stabs. ‘Woodrum’ maintains the pace but switches the tone with jungle rhythms and a pounding bass.

Ominous belter ‘Git’ with its driving kick, looped vocal sample and rolling bass. The track develops into a hopeful finish with the introduction of glittering synth movements.

Title track ‘Acid Finger’ delivers beautifully delicate percussive and melodic work that progressively shapes up against fleeting shrill synth lines that come to a fitting crescendo.

Ending the release is the melancholic atmospheres created in ‘Redacted’, bringing a shift in mood and imitating a trudge through memory lane.

Expect to see and hear a lot more from these guys in the future..



Video by Alex Gibbs
Produced & mixed by Hi & Saberhägen
Mastered by Frank Meritt @ The Carvery
Artwork by Liam D. Richardson
Physical Distribution by Rubadub
Digital Distribution by the state51 conspiracy