After the release of his beautifully put together album ‘Shining The Money Ball’ via Vancouver’s 1080p in 2016 (which will see a limited vinyl release on Lo Recordings), as well as having music released through 100% Silk, Body-San joins the Lo family with ‘Pacific Reasons EP’.

Having been a part of the new wave of house music to emerge over the past few years from the West Coast of America and Canada, Body-San delivers music with a rich sense of depth, emotive precision and concise instrumentation throughout.

Brandon Knocke (in his own apt description) offers three ‘coastal burners’ through ‘Pacific Reasons’, with the addition of the majestic interlude ‘Liquid Entrance’.

‘Topaz Chalice’ sets us off with the sunset, created through comforting yet strangely ominous chords and vocal melody lines. The track slowly evolves with small percussive flurries, beautiful chord and melody progressions and a smooth, sliding bass line. As pleasant and calming as ‘Topaz Chalice’ is, we still feel the full force of Knocke’s thumping kick, making it as viable for the dance as it is for the cans.

Following on in the same sun-kissed vein is ‘Central Casting’ where the pace picks up, driven with skittering percussion and a broken arpeggiated sub line. Choral pads and airy synth flourishes finish of the A-side.

Title track ‘Pacific Reasons’ brings a deeper side to the release, an offering for the sunrise crew. Where the drums and percussion were of more prominence in the A-side, we see them act as the buried motor that carries these luscious atmospheres as we drift off into the early hours of the morning.

While combining brilliantly crafted synthetic sound design (to mimic the sounds of the moving tide), inquisitive, ascending melody work echoing and bouncing over layered heart beats with ticking percussion, Knocke brings the EP to a reflective close in ‘Liquid Entrance’.

Produced & mixed by Body-San
Mastered by Frank Merritt @ The Carvery
Artwork by Joseph Melhuish
Physical Distribution by Rubadub
Digital Distribution by the state51 conspiracy