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Further Mutations

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Another installment of mind bending music, perhaps not as groundbreaking as Volume 3 but features some excellent tracks. Experimental, jazz, hip hop, post rock, downtempo and beyond.

24 tracks: Twisted Science, Peter Kraut, The Sycophants, Luke Vibert, David Kristian, Cujo, Wormhole, Burzootie (seminal hip hop producer Jay Burnettwith a track originally released on def jam in 1985), Voafose, Hood, Barbed, The Mellowtrons, Fish Out Of Water feat. Robert Wyatt (yes the robert wyatt), The Underdog, Ganger, Richard Thomas, Chasm (Robert Hampson of Main in breakbeat mode), Bedouin Ascent, Thurston Moore/Eugene Chadboune, 2 Player/ DJ Vadim, Freezer (Fridge incognito).