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Fabulous Shit

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Action packed journey through the Lo back catalogue, mixed by Twisted Science.

29 tracks: Richard Thomas, Kundalini, David Kristian, Stereolab, Wagon Christ, Mogwai, Four Tet/Rothko, Warn Defever, 8 Frozen Modules, Add N to (X), Merzbow, Cheap Glue, Voafose, Albarn, Coxon, Moore, The Sycophants, Aphex Twin vs Mike Flowers, 2 Player, Bedouin Ascent, Thurston Moore. Some liked it and some definitely didn’t!


“A mix album of fabulously perverse shit, stitched together by Twisted Science, AKA Jon Tye, boss of Lo Recordings.  A welcome reminder of what the phrase ‘out there’ really means.  Lowlights are the impenetrable thrash of Eight Frozen Modules and Thurston Moore, highlights are the delicate, warm bass structures of Rothko’s  ‘ Not Growing Out Of Growing Into ‘ and their  ‘ Rivers Become Oceans’  collaboration with ‘Four Tet. J90 * 6.” Wax   Oct 99