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This was originally intended to be the first release on Lo but took a while to complete, possibly the first album to attempt creative pairings as opposed to remix culture and to encourage a mixture of electronics and live playing. Some excellent stuff, in fact its all good. Spanning genres and age groups with some unusual and inspired combinations of musicians – the oldest of which was Lol Coxhill at 63 and the youngest Daniel Pemberton at 17.

12 tracks from: Ragga (extrordinary icelandic vocalist) & the Pylon King, Vibert, Biswas, Smith & Tye (all stuff recorded live and then sampled, mixed and manipulated) David Toop & Bedouin Ascent, Mike Flowers & Funki Porcini (a thirteen piece live band recorded and then deranged into mutant jazz jungle by Funki), Lol Coxhill & Paul Schutze (legendary jazz saxophonist with the inscrutable Mr Schutze), Voafose & Boymerang, David Toop & Daniel Pemberton, Chant & Jamois (who appear on later Lo albums as The Sycophants, Tom Chant now much in demand, playing sax with Eddie Prevost, Cinematic Orchestra & others), MLO and David Thomas (Pere Ubu), Spykid & Luger, Tye & Pemberton, Scanner and David Cunningham  (ex of flying lizards, producer of Michael Nyman etc.)