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That Fuzzy Feeling

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What’s happened to Christmas? There used to be a time when it was celebrated in true style and everyone from James Brown, Bing Crosby and Phil Spector released cracking albums full of funky festive tunes. Now what do you get but compilations full of turkeys that should’ve have popped their clogs years ago with titles like “The Best Christmas Album In The World Ever”.

Well now Loaf has teamed up with London’s premier promoter of all things chilled, The Arctic Circle to present “That Fuzzy Feeling”, a collection of mostly original Christmas songs and carols. Fifteen tracks from a variety of artists and labels each with a new take on the traditional Christmas hymn. The result is just what you need to rekindle those warm ‘fuzzy feelings’ that Christmas used to be all about. Features Ellis Island Sound, Rothko, Peter Broderick, Fuzzy Lights, Canon Blue, Klima, and more.