The elusive Vincent Oliver’s debut EP is a real jewel. A unique take on electronica with a lost psychedelic Canterbury feel to some of the tracks. Here’s a few words from Vincent himself:


I was brought up on a diet of glam-rock. Marc Bolan, Steve Harley and David Bowie. I think these chaps form a kind of base for most of my influences. I take inspiration from everything though. I’m very visually stimulated and I’m into words and that. It’s mostly every day things and the people around me. It ’s atmospheres and feelings that I’m inspired by and try to achieve. I’ve always had really nuts pals who make smashing stuff too. They introduce me to all sorts of cracking stuff. I’m one of those [lads] who want to have a bash at everything and I think that adds new perspectives. No chronic illnesses, I am chronically irritating, though.