Just a few years prior, Jon Tye was electronica’s premier enfant terrible, his Twisted Science alias a front for live and recorded tantrums of nerve-shredding tech-noise. In the wake of the Ambush and Digital Hardcore stables and the turntablized execration of such tyros as V/VM and Jansky Speedranch, Tye eased up (somewhat) on the all-consuming din.

The third Twisted Science album was more of a study in the sort of inter-genre hybridization Tye has tirelessly advocated through his Lo Recordings label.There’s still plenty of noise on DEEP AND WARM, but Tye makes every effort to incorporate these clangorous jolts into elaborately constructed melodic miniatures.

Veins of edgy breakbeat and pureed sound course through “Plasmor.” On “Felicity/Fingertips” and “Tip 2,” layers of interlocked samples shift, melt, and fuse like imagery broadcast from the depths of dream. “Tip 3” and “Crystal Jelly” dissolve into oil-on-water soundscape swirls via the early electronics of Morton Subotnick. In all its dazzling effect and chromatic detail, DEEP AND WARM is the sound of a new electronic psychedelia.