The Chap

The Horse

The Chap started life as Johannes’ solo side project while still playing in Karamasov before metamorphosing into a ‘punk funk disco rock machine’ with moog, cello, guitar, drums, bass and vocals. This is rock but not as we know it.

Wire guitars, disco strings, funk bass and three part harmonies create an unmistakeable sound that defies any sensible description.

They’ve been playing all over town and rocking up a storm, while their last single the hook laden ‘I Got Flattened By A Pig Farmer/Remember Elvis Rex’ has been a big favourite with everyone from John Peel, John Kennedy, Shane Quentin and Steve Lamacq to Mark and Lard and The BBC World Service.

The album further extends the brief with rousing, anthemic but always surreal bursts of pop noise, extended rhythmic workouts, atmospheric ballads all done in the inimitable Chap style.

Conclusive proof that the Chap are going to be one of the most talked about – and listened to – bands of 2003.


Claire Hope: moog, vocals

Johannes von Weizsäcker: guitar, vocals, computerstuff, cello

Panos Ghikas: bass, violin, guitar, computerstuff, vocals

Keith Duncan: drums

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