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Student Experience

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Following on from The Chap’s previous single “Guitar Messiah” with its “electric sound of desire” comes “the sound of something falling down the stairs” (Steve Lamacq): “Student Experience”, the new single from recent album “The Show Must Go”, stays true to the album’s political rock theme by way of Eastern European guitar melodies, metal chugging, crashing drums and three children on lead vocal, demanding they be made “ready to be market ready”. Using the example of university education, “Student Experience” explores the notion that all aspects of life must increasingly adhere to only one criterion, that of pure marketability. It also sounds really fucked up. Well, shit is fucked up.

The B side is an homage to the homage to the first true american anarchists.  Sacco & Vanzetti. Penned by Joan Baez and composed by the Morricone. It brings to a close the  arc of the  Chaps political aims for the year. Now they are going out to spread the word, and the word is Ready.

The Video for the single stars young people, a leopard, and a gazelle. No animals were hurt during the making of this single.