The Chap

Burger Sauce

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A Ten Track EP that is “definitely not an album” from the best band only we seem to know about. The Chap tackle another genre and knock it out of the velodrome.

More ‘assured intelligence’ and ‘colourful musical chops’  from the team.

‘Burger Sauce’ is a disco digression from the ‘Digital Technology’ album of 2020  Having been penned in and denied their European tour due to the steady advance of the virus. The Chap withdrew to  the discreet horror of the zoom meeting and focused their attention around a series of techno tracks  exploring ‘the sound of waiting – of simmering frustration’, and turning it into something darkly beautiful.

Collaborating with long term Chap improvisor Jennifer Walshe guests on ‘Biothics’ and  on ‘The 60’s’ provides virtuoso shrieking to accompany Johannes performing the Heimlich Manoeuvre on his girlfriend Stephanie Piehl.

The perfect soundtrack while waiting for the next full-blown Chap album, on which work has begun…