The Chap

(Hats Off To) Dror Frangi

Following the storming reception to their debut album “The Horse” earlier this year, The Chap are back on fine form with this new EP. Containing three new tracks and one of the highlights from the album, this material shows The Chap confounding their listeners once again, as they prove themselves once and for all to be resolutely uncategorisable.

“Oozing Emotion” shows them rocking in a way never heard before, complete with grunts and yelps. “My My Rock ‘n’ Roll” is reminiscent of their extremely sought-after first 10” – “Fun”. “(Hats off to) Dror Frangi” was the stand-out track from the album for many people, with its mock-opera meets techy magazine sheen, whilst “Emerson, Lake & Palmer” sees them back in more a more reflective mode as they pay homage to their heroes in their own inimitable way.

Over the last few months they have been out and about playing all sorts of gigs, with all sorts of bands. Highlights have included dates with the new faces of the American underground, namely Erase Errata and Numbers, a date at the ICA with Laika and Klang and numerous performances in a red Highbury basement for ArtRocker.



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