‘Radar’ was written by Phillips on a clear cold night in a forest in mid Wales, whilst lights from both across the estuary and the ancient stars above flickered through the trees, and borrows its title and chorus line ‘the world is dark as radar’ from American poet George Oppen.

Featuring propulsive drums, intense Moog bass, clipped pizzicato strings that ping like photons from Geese and vocals from Elisabeth Nygård and Andrew Phillips, ‘Radar’ is a highlight of an album described as “inspiring “ by The Wire and “thoughtful  and beautifully reflective” by Electronic Sound. Accompanying the original is a remix by noted New Zealand born composer and violinist, and former member of the Durutti Column, John  Metcalfe who carefully deconstructs the song, teasing apart each individual element allowing us to immerse ourselves in each individual note.