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Nuggets – Luke Vibert’s Selection

Many musicians find the industry provides an attractive market for their work. “A lot of musicians don’t want publishing deals now,” says mastering engineer Matthew Denny. “We don’t sign people, but work project by project. You don’t have the same egos as you do with big record companies. It’s actually more about the music.”

KPM must realise that its stores contain a fair amount of pap–but it is also aware of the recordings’ sampling potential. The more the music is used by artists (there are currently tracks in the charts by Snoop and Jay Z that contain snippets from KPM’S archives) the more the firm’s street cred goes up.

As the Nuggets album suggests, “Some people will be irate that this ‘secret’ music is now available.” But libraries still receive a few intriguing demos from hopeful outsiders. Inside the most secret KPM vault lurks a tape from “the Lionel Bart of Pinner”. It’s a recording of the Grandstand theme with the tune sung over the top — with lyrics so unutterably bad that they could only be the work of some sort of twisted genius.
“Oh no, this one’s never going out,” says Denny. But you can bet it will be kept — carefully archived for the moment when the world is ready.

Luke Vibert…’Seven-eights of it is cack’


Get a load of the subtitles: “Very odd electronic pop piece with crazy chipmunk vocals”; “Conclusive, well-rounded space funk beast”. This is a selection of (mainly French) library music from the 1970s, off-the-peg compositions designed to cover various atmospheres for TV and film. Libraries are a favourite hunting ground for people such as Luke Vibert, David Holmes and Coldcut, eager to feast their sampleers on something exotic while pop is busy eating itself. Vibert has found 28 favourite nuggets, featuring work by the likes of Cecil Leuter, Nino Nardini and something called the Heinz Funk Electronic Combo.

All the nutty experiments and bizarre grooves never sound forced or prententiously weird for the sake of it; instead the attitude is “Of course! Play the violin with rubber gloves while I rewire my Moog and Francoise puts a new engine in the harpsichord!”. There’s detective music, space travelling to rival Sun Ra and extraordinary moments of “epic, Majestic, psychedelic rock-out” (see Strange Love Action). Just imagine the TV that used this stuff. (PW)


in The Guardian June 29 2001

28 Rare library tracks selected by Luke Vibert. ‘Sound library recordings, particularly those from 1970′s France, are secret treasures barely beginning to be mapped.


Nuggets‚ offers an ideal introduction. It’s an intriguing anthology, undoubtedly one that will encourage collectors & creators alike to explore the lost world of sound library recordings’.