Various Artists

Moog Acid 12 – Jean Jacques Perrey, Luke Vibert, Jackson, Plastician

The Godfather of electronic pop meets the undisputed champ of left field Moog beats to create one of the most amazing and unusual records of the year so far. For those who don’t know, Jean Jacques Perry hails from outer space via 1950’s France, he was discovered by Jean Cocteau, taught Edith Piaf to play synth, produced some of the first and greatest electronic pop records, gave the Beastie Boys ‘The In Sound From Way Out’, was sampled by DJ Premier and Gang Starr. Made a great record with Air – Cosmic Bird and had a big hit with Fat Boy Slim – EVA – and wrote the theme tune for Disneyland. These are just some of this electronic guru’s achievements.

Lo Experimental Beats – 12″ vinyl excursions.

Lo Experimental Beats – 12″ vinyl excursions.