Various Artists

Fabulous Shit

Action packed journey through the lo back catalogue, mixed by twisted science.

29 tracks: richard thomas, kundalini, david kristian, stereolab, wagon christ, mogwai, four tet/rothko, warn defever, 8 frozen modules, add n to x, merzbow, cheap glue, voafose, albarn, coxon, moore, the sycophants, aphex twin vs mike flowers, 2 player, bedouin ascent, thurston moore. some liked it and some definitely didn’t.


“A mix album if fabulously perverse shit, stitched together by Twisted Science, AKA Jon Tye, boss of Lo Recordings.  A welcome reminder of what the phrase out there , really means.  Lowlights are the impenetrable thrash of Eight Frozen Modules and Thurstan Moore, and hightlight are the delicate, warm bass structures of Tothkos’  ‘ Not Growing Out Of Growing Into ‘, and their  ‘ Rivers Become Oceans’  collaboration with ‘For Tet. J90 * 6.” Wax   Oct 99