Susumu Yokota


Susumu Yokota needs no introduction, a master of every genre he turns his hand to, his amazing talent has helped reshaped electronic music gaining the likes of Thom Yorke, Philip Glass and Brian Eno as fans along the way.

His new album ?Symbol? is reckoned by Yokota to be his masterpiece and who are we to disagree? An extraordinary piece of work, that fuses classical music with ambient, world and electronic music into a breathtaking genre-defying kaleidoscope of sound. Repeated listens draw the listener deeper into his world, and reveal the true scope of Yokota?s achievement.

Featuring the incredible voice of avant garde composer/vocalist Meredith Monk, ?Symbol? includes pieces by Debussy, Mahler, Ravel, Tchaikovsky and even Beethoven, interwoven with synth washes and electronic filigree, re-imagined in the fecund imagination of Yokota.

No one else would have even attempted such a daring task and only Yokota could have succeeded, this is a truly stunning piece of work.

“Yokota manages to make the finest soul-soothing music out there. Incredible.” Level

“sublime” The Times

“evocative and beguiling” Alternative Press

“spine-tinglingly beautiful” Wax

“wonderfully imaginative” Sleazenation

“beauty incarnate” 7

“superlative” Mojo


“ambient music at its finest” The Mix

“a giant of talent… an audio spell”Wax, 8/10

“conceptually beautiful and sonically engaging” DJ, 8/10

“extraordinary… fluxus electronica… simple yet tremendous”

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