Seaming To

Natural Process

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Seaming To is one of the most distinctive and astounding vocalists alive today but she is also a composer of endless ingenuity and invention not to mention a consummate pianist and synthesist.. As Robert Wyatt said ‘she is truly avant garde’. Perhaps now the world is ready for her extraordinary talent to shine and illuminate. The Natural Process EP is available on limited 10″ Vinyl lathe cut.

The Natural Process is a reworking of Susumu Yokota’s track of the same name and a perfect example of Seaming’s distinct and inventive soundworld. Reminiscent of Laurie Anderson and Bjork and yet utterly unique. Seaming’s luxurious vocal tones wrap and weave their way around a pulsing web of electronic sound. A virtual choir from another world.

proneandsupine is an immersive choral reverie that demonstrates the full beauty and majesty of Seaming’s voice.

The EP concludes with Test Patterns an excerpt from a live soundtrack composed for the premiere of Victoria Keddie’s film Test Patterns for the closing night of the Basquiat exhibition at the Barbican, London 2018. A beguiling and mysterious soundworld like no other.