Moscow Youth Cult’s second EP furthers the duo’s ideology of grainy, processed electronica and anthemic songwriting combined with a celebrated pop aesthetic.

A finely crafted manifesto of dark pop, analogue visions and dystopian glitch-dreams.

‘Iris’ itself is a Technicolor foray into the world of teen troubles and witches’ covens. Inspired by Dario Argento’s adult fairytale Suspiria.

‘Survivasm’ deals with the dénouement tradition in slasher and gialli films: through repetition and subtle analogue processing, the song builds to a frenzied climax before severing the coils of mortality and drifting away into the blackness of the ever.

MYC’s love of obscure cult horror films gets a further nod with their interpretation of Fabio Frizzi’s main title theme for Lucio Fulci’s infamous Zombi Flesh Eaters.

Brighton-based label mate Enjoyed gives the title track an old school dance rework while LA2019, provide a fragmented tropical twist on ‘Iris’.