‘Halo  Effect’  is  taken  from  producer  and guitarist Leo  Abrahams’ ‘Daylight’  album. A  scattershot  neon  dream,  as  disorientating  and exciting as a late night stumble round Tokyo’s Akhibara District, its rapid fire beats and bleeps stutter and fire off in myriad directions whilst Leo’s guitar floats serenely above.

Like much of its parent album ‘Halo Effect’ at times feels like several tracks playing at once. In lesser hands it could be a jumbled mess but thanks to Abrahams well-honed skill in the studio the results are jarring yet equally electrifying and demand your attention. On the virtual b-side we have ‘Theory of Large Molecules’ which, title aside, comes across as less a  sedate lecture  on particle theory and more like an amphetamine fuelled late night TV remote rampage  as discordant electronics square off against a  squall of fuzzbox guitars and gut punching drums.

Accompanying  ‘Halo  Effect’   are  two  remixes,  multi-instrumentalist  and  producer Emre Ramazanoglu  produces  a  remix  that  sounds  like  party  time  in  the  Large  Hadron  Collider, countless  particles  ricocheting  off  each  other,  all  building  to  an  ecstatic  climax,  meanwhile sometime  Matthew  Herbert  collaborator Crewdson  runs  ‘Halo  Effect’  through  a  sonic kaleidoscope, shattering the track into a 1000 brilliant fragments.