Amine Mesnaoui & Labelle

Bleu Noir (Blood Wine Or Honey Remix)

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Blood Wine or Honey create their distinctive hypno-tropicalia sound in the industrial warehouses and hidden rural settlements of Hong Kong, surrounded by the low-end throb of heavy machinery, the lingering scent of hand sanitiser and the humidity of the South China Sea.

This remix by blood Wine or Honey of ‘Bleu Noir’, comes from Amine Mesnaoui & Labelle’s debut album on Lo Recordings; ‘African Prayers’.
The two musicians believe that it is their duty to suggest and perform a new type of music that finds its anchor in the heritage and frees itself from folkloric clichés. But how to make music far from stereotypes, rich in meanings, minimal but complex, simple but deep, a music that is universal and invites the listener to the depth of meditation, the dance, even to the spiritual state of trance?
Mesnaoui plays a prepared piano modified by different objects inserted into its strings. Labelle simultaneously plays electronic instruments, and further processes the piano sound. These instruments are not native to the traditional context and their choice allows for a new perspective on the Lila Ritual. By pushing the boundaries of what those tools usually offer, the sound explores yet untapped territories. Each piece on the record refers to a specific colour and its associated symbolic realm in the ritual.