Dark Captain

Right Way Round

East London quintet Dark Captain return with ‘Right Way Round’, the second single from their new album ‘Dead Legs& Alibis’. It’s a characteristically plaintive reflection, set to a chunky groove which evokes a folked-up Fugazi, or being followed home from a night out by a tooled-up Pentangle.

It’s accompanied by a sexy, Washed Out-type remix from Brighton based producer Enjoyed. There’s also a reworking of ‘Jealous Enemies’ by the band themselves, which sees the biggest hit from their debut ‘Miracle Kicker’ given a Balearic twist.

‘Dead Legs & Alibis’ has rocketed up the US iTunes charts faster than Usain Bolt (should he happen to release a brooding, sensitive indie-folk album), and is a more skewed, darker-sounding affair than the band’s well-received debut.

We like ‘Right Way Round’ a lot and hope you do too.