Various Artists


This was originally intended to be the first release on lo but took a while to complete, possibly first album to attempt creative pairings as opposed to remix culture and to encourage mixture of electronics and live playing. some excellent stuff, in fact its all good. an interesting project which enabled me to work with one of my heroes, david thomas (of pere ubu) and to put together some unusual and inspired combinations of musicians – the oldest of which was lol coxhill at 63 and the youngest daniel pemberton at 17 – .

12 tracks from: ragga (extrordinary icelandic vocalist) & the pylon king, vibert, biswas, smith & tye (all stuff recorded live and then sampled, mixed and manipulated) david toop & bedouin ascent, mike flowers & funki porcini ( thirteen piece live band recorded and then deranged into mutant jazz jungle by funki), lol coxhill & paul schutze (legendary jazz saxophonist with the inscrutable mr schutze), voafose & boymerang, david toop & daniel pemberton, chant & jamois (appear on later lo albums as the sycophants, tom chant now much in demand, playing sax with eddie prevost, cinematic orchestra & others), mlo and david thomas, spykid & luger, tye & pemberton, scanner and david cunningham ( the scanner man with david cunningham ex of flying lizards, producer of michael nyman etc.)