The lead track from the first proper full length album ‘Awake Within The Dream – Sound Meditations Vol. 1’

The album follows the self released ‘Unfurl’ (2019) and ‘Intermission’ ((2020) collections and more recently the remix album ‘Transmission’ and ‘III’ which both came out on Seattle’s Hush Hush Records in 2021.

The new long player, the latest in Lo Recordings’ on going ‘Spaciousness’ series, features seven new tracks which combine bells, bowls, synths and percussion with sound recordings that were captured on the stolen lands of the Gadubanud, Dja Dja Wurrung, Bunurong and Bidawal people – special places and land that traditionally belong to the Aboriginal population.

IKSRE creates something special and transports the listener to a different plane where normal rules do not apply. Eponymous album closer ‘Awake Within the Dream’ is a live recording and designed to be enjoyed as close to the experience of live sound bath as possible.

IKSRE (I Keep Seeing Rainbows Everywhere) is the alias of the multi talented Phoebe Dubar. She combines field recordings from her beloved Australian bush with lush strings, swirling synths and vocals with ambient drone and binaural beats to create a unique sound which sits somewhere between the yoga studio and the after party.