Voice of Space

Voice of Space


First release of the Maps of Inner Space series.

We dive ever deeper into the new age ambient vortex with 3 tapes full of consciousness expanding tone floats.

A collaboration between Mark O Pilkington of Teleplasmiste and Jon Tye of Seahawks/Ocean Moon, Voice of Space is a deep sonic voyage through spheres unknown, at once elemental and transcendental, umbrous and luminous, transitory and eternal.

“During flight we seemed to penetrate many dimensions of abstract space. There was no static. No interference. Then something happened. It was like a gentle explosion of gorgeous colours accompanied by an experience akin to an orgasm of spirit and matter. There was no time after that. No space in the usual connotation of space. All was consciousness. Absolute consciousness.”  – My Flight to Venus,  Dana Howard, 1954.


Design by Non-Format.

Limited Edition Cassette Tape.