Bethany Ley


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The’ Sundial’ EP is Bethany’s first project on Lo Recordings. A beautiful combination of works that sparkles with ingenuity and craft. A saturated texture of elements and vocal hi jinx that delight and intrigue.

Available on limited 10” lathe cut.

The video of the first single was created by Alfie Dwyer, an extraordinary piece of digital beauty that compliments Bethany’s aesthetic perfectly. They also worked together to realise the cover artwork for the release.

The EP, which Ley describes as “an OST of body-memory”, establishes Bethany as a world-crafting producer, someone whose music excavates the spiritual and emotional elements of one’s psyche, producing uniquely immersive musical offerings which dare to create beyond this plane of experience.

Electronica meets classical, with the contrast creating a unique entanglement of modernity and tradition, taking influence from the likes of Lou Harrison, and the philosophies of acousmatic music.
Glitched harp and Gamelan samples are interspersed with field recordings from the Ganges in India, making for a deep dive into cosmic and spiritual underworlds of sound.
The title ‘Sundial’ has variant meanings. In one sense it is a commentary on the passing of time, the cycles of nature, and that which shifts and morphs – akin to the sun and the shadows she casts. But beyond that, there lies an image of planets in orbit, of how one life force swirls around and interacts with the other – an analogy of the reactive nature of music.   Just as the planet orbits the sun, and shadows are cast upon objects to mark the passage of time, ‘Sundial’ immerses the listener in its own sphere of influence where  Ley’s sounds have their own laws of gravity, becoming enmeshed with the captivating and mythical sound design which places us in a distinctive sonic environment. This is the crux of Bethany Ley’s foray into composition and production: the creation of a mystical portal through which they effortlessly transport us.