Freska is the alias of Evgeny Bukreev,not the easiest of names to remember so let’s stick with Freska. Freska is a well kept secret whose insanely crisp electronic textures have graced some heavyweight experimental labels including Traum and Soma.

His ‘Comanche’ release on Traum was particularly popular with DJ’s including Trevor Jackson, Dominik Eulberg, John Digweed and Secret Cinema.

Snowshoes’ comes with a whole heap of remixes from friends old and new. Moscow Youth Cult kick things off with a growling, brooding monster of a mix that transforms the original into a towering slice of futuristic noise. This is followed by the illusive EU, one of Russia’s best and long lasting, though rarely sighted acts.

Their mix is a thoroughly modern slice of tribal dance that cascades into your brain like water down a mountain. Next another amazing mix by the illusive and supremely talented Andrei Oid. Glacial crater funk at its finest.

Evgeny Freska is one of the most talented Russian EDM producers.