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Ten truly innovative reinterpretations of the Everis album. Each track individually released with beautiful reworked artwork from Non Format.

This companion project to the original Everis album is a beautiful display of the quality and breadth of the artists involved. Each piece a reflective and engaging reaction to the previous album, singular but of the original.  Each artist brings their own voice to the pieces which still retain the journey of the original music. Quite a feat. A lasting testement to the gentle power of the music of aus.

The LP is full of moments of fragmented euphoria, and across them, you can hear a vast array of electronic influences from native-soil artists like Sketch Show and Susumu Yokota, golden-era Warp Records, as well as the glitch-tronics of Jan Jelinek and Oval. All of this is intertwined with piano, strings, clarinet, and flute live instrumentation, cyber-Celtic vocal melodies, and intimate field recordings. – A Taut Line