Paws Extended

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Swirling, sensual synth-pop Balearica and electronics on a joint release between Loaf records and Shoes Off.

A four track EP from Enjoyed along with four remixes of the lead track ‘Paws’.

’Paws’ is a low slung balearic journey with carefree melodies, hazy vocals and shimmering synth lines.

L.A. homeboys, NazcarNation take ‘Paws’ into even sunnier territory with the help of numerous warped marimba patterns, broken beats and extra joyous vocal lines.

Meanwhile, Brixton based duo, Glyphs, strip back the original into an adult lullaby, complete with dreamy arpeggios and a cradle rocking low end.

Oxfordian instrumental Hip Hop guru, Vanilla, steps things up with his dusky sundown version, full to the brim with classic Dilla beats, writhing synths and enough funk to last several lifetimes.

Lastly Ghosting Season deploy super thick melodies and ghostly vocal stabs to great effect before leaving you stranded by the side of some unknown street.