Pop Levi

Invisible Music


The third of the series ‘Maps of Inner Space’

Invisible Music from Pop Levi.

“The completely open nature of all dimensions and events is a rainbow always occurring yet never grasped.” Tilopa’s Song To Naropa


‘Invisible Music 1-4’ brings together four hour long albums which were recorded at the cold end of last year while Levi was locked away in his mountain-top home studio on a secret Greek island.

Inspired by the Greek ambient masters Vangelis Katsoulis and Akis, with a nod to Eno’s Thursday Afternoon, and the sonics of Congotronics,

The intention was to mix classic Ambient sonics with contemporary New-Age/Spiritual/Sensual (chakra-opening etc) soundtracks.

Pop has produced his ‘Invisible music ; akin to the smell of a perfume, a subtle alteration of celestial vibrations, in tune with the rotation of the planets.’

Available on limited edition cassette format only .

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