Coral Sea

If Memory Serves Me


A sublime foray into the near and far from our man at the coast.  The latest in our on going innovative ‘S-P-A-C-I-O-U-S-N-E-S-S’ series of special cassette releases, features nine brand new tracks and includes the lead single ‘Prism’

Often dubbed the Jacques Cousteau of ambient music, Coral Sea’s obsession with the underwater world is absolute and the music he creates on this new collection is supremely immersive. Heavily treated guitar, atmospherics and hypnotic and often blissed out soundscapes attempt to represent and recreate the multitude of rhythms and resonances found within water.

Think Huerco S. jamming with Dolphins Into The Future or Drexciya produced by The Heavenly Music Corporation, the aqueous washes of sound are initially guitar based and then treated and processed until a web so intricate and so elastic is formed. This is music for aquanauts and psychonauts alike and few can escape.

Beautifully packaged, the cassette tape artwork features Coral Sea’s own ocean photography wrapped in a clear case with gold-flecked tape and bespoke font by the award winning Non Format design team.