7 Guitars with a Cloud of Milk

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French pop heritage is littered with smooth and creamy icons: Gainsbourg, Karen Anne, Adamo and Francois Hardy. Gablé, however, are a completely different ‘kettle de poisson’. Wearing their influences on their sleeves – Moldy Peaches, Meat Puppets and early Sonic Youth – they stick a lovely big lump of absolutely bonkers, stinky musical cheese in the face of suave ancestry.

7 Guitars with a Cloud of Milk, is Gablé’s second album, 18 tracks with song subjects as diverse as group suicide, the state of urban music, self-realization, cats and drunk foxes, all clocking in at just under forty minutes. In the best DIY tradition of bands such as The Vaselines, Violent Femmes and Beat Happening.

As far as their live shows go, you can’t get any more sensational. Samplers, recorders and a Hoover provide an invigorating back- ing to the melodic singing, explosive spluttering and just plain daft blurts of these intriguing Frenchmen (and woman). They’re charming, interesting and are seriously fun with a surprisingly captivating stage presence for an unassuming 3-piece. The band recently supported chk chk chk (!!!) and will be touring France and the UK later this year.

Gablé will be the first in the new series of conceptual packaging for the LOAF label, to follow last year’s award-winning (D&AD) 12” packaging concept. For each release, their designers, Non-Format have devised a template for an 8 page CD booklet. This template will be sent to a specially commissioned illustrator who will customise the booklet. The original design will then be scanned and will be used as-is on the finished product, thus maintaining LOAF’s “Luxury DiY” aesthetic with a strong and constant visual identity but with a completely different outcome every time

A special limited edition was available exclusively via the Lo Recordings shop that included a CD, t-shirt and a whole bonus album – the marvelous, “SemiNéoproantiantianti-folk” originally released as a Cdr album on Gablé’s label.