Various Artists

1-2-3-4 Compilation


Compilation of tracks from the London based 1-2-3-4 crew.

Always a great source for the most exciting music, this compilation is full of essential tracks. Yep your guides to the underground done good, digging up a beautiful crop of fresh sounds. Lent a little wieght from the old guard including the Buzzcocks and Mark Stewart.

1-2-3-4 was one of the first to recognise the genius of S.C.U.M. so it’s only fitting that they should open the album with an exclusive track of their wondrous noise. After that there’s a deluge of thrills and spills, from the brand new all rock girl duo Deap Vally to the timeless maverick magic of Mark Stewart…Dead Teenagers nestle alongside Arrows Of Love, while Nightmare Air gives way to Crocodiles and Dirty Beaches. There are Skeletons On Holiday, Minny Pops and Proper Ornaments…Visions Of Trees, Holograms and Jeff The Brotherhood and much more to ingest including an exclusive Bo Ningen tirade.