6th December 2013

Pop Up Cinema

Artist’s Experimental Film

Projecting films on David Leister’s ‘portable’ 35mm Fumeo Projector, this evening has been concocted for artists and filmmakers to experiment within the 35mm frame yet work outside of industry parameters.
Interested in celluloid film’s materiality and the performance of projection, Analogue Recurring wishes to provoke DIY film technologies, help define contemporary artist’s analogue film production and confound the general view that analogue ‘film is dead.’
The programme is a mixture of completed films and number of new works straight from the processing labs and darkrooms.
It is experimental and discursive.

Including films by : Richard Bevan, Louise Colbourne, Karel Doing, Nicky Hamlyn, Inge-lise Hanson, Lucy Harris, Bea Haut, Jameela Khan, David Leister and Greg Pope. More to be announced….

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