The Ruster

The Ruster Presents: Because You’re Funky

Because You’re Funky brings together 24 seriously fried instrumentals from the collection of the legendary Rustler – a veteran of 20 years on the underground soul scene – bordering on Psych, heavy on the breaks, make no mistake this is extreme music.

But don’t think for a minute that Lo Recordings are going all retro on your ass. As we said before, sometimes you got to go back to go forwards.This is the root of all that is funky from George Clinton to Prince, A Certain Ratio to 23 Skidoo, Derrick May to Timo Mass, Autechre to Aphex, Public Enemy to the Wu Tang clan. Without this shit no one would be feeling the funk.

Some of these tracks are so rare that even DJ Shadow doesn’t have them and some are so far out that no one but The Rustler would play them (!) and a couple of the tracks have been subject to four figure bids from the likes of Kenny “Dope” Gonzales an Ian “Praying Mantis” Wright.

All the cuts are from the late 60s, early 70s , that pre disco, no drum machine era when men were men, women were women and funk was most definitely funky.

It took Lo Recordings 2 years to persuade The Rustler to let these gems into the public domain. Let’s hope the world is ready.

After Nuggets – Luke Vibert’s selection and Barry 7′s Connectors comes music just as far out and even more damn funky.