King Of Woolworths


In his previous incarnation of thrift shop cool, King of Woolworths released two albums of sumptuous downbeat exotica for Beggars Banquet. Now he’s back bigger, bolder and better with the album of his life and yours: Rediffusion. A fantastic jouney through the mind of a madman, a very nice madman but one obsessed with analogue synths, 60’s library music and melodies so sublime they leave you feeling all gooey inside.

Digging through crates of dusty vinyl in his native Manchester he finds the audio seeds that will inspire him to make his outlandish creations, working deep into the night he fashions beauteous melodies and funking beats from his analogue arsenal of moogs and arps.

In communion with the ghosts of Serge Gainsbourg, Roy Budd and Scott Walker, he conjures up music so warm and fertile it breathes life into grey corners. Restores juice to withered limbs, puts blood in dry veins.

Over fourteen tracks of analogue bliss, Rediffusion shows a marked departure from his previous works, and displays King of Woolworths’ constantly blossoming finesse and dexterity. This is undoubtedly the album that deserves to make the King as renowned as his kingdom.

(Oh and for anyone who remembers the cult 70’s show Budgie with Adam Faith, there’s a cover of the theme tune, The Loner.)

The king is dead, long live the king!

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