Paws Extended

"The dreamy pop types will no doubt be impressed with the softened disco edges and Panda Bear vibes of 'Paws', while 'Waterfront' is an exquisite twelve minutes of dubstep-influenced rhythms and ecstatic psychedelic swirl with flashes of vintage R&S Techno.

'Pupsqueak' is an accomplished take on Kompakt style triplet Tech-pop with gauzy harmonics, and 'Swap' swerves into uptempo, energetic, yet smudged and dream Euro-dance. Make sure to check Ghosting Season's wonderfully spacious and aquatic Footwork-meets-Dub Tech remix of 'Paws'." boomkat

LOAF is proud to present the re-issue of Enjoyed cassette only debut EP, ‘Oscar’ with four brand new remixes.

Self proclaimed ‘Joystep’ producer Enjoyed is 22 year old Peter Evans-Pritchard, Beginning the four track immersion into colour and harmony is ’Paws’; a low slung balearic journey with carefree melodies, hazy vocals and shimmering synth lines that create an audio mirage of dancing lights on the horizon.

‘Waterfoot’ follows suit, diving headfirst into deep waters, drowning us gently in the slow mo aqua dub before surfacing into an ocean storm of rhythms and percussive melodies.

Choral vocals and shuffling percussion are the order of the day on ‘Pupsqueak’, a bouncy bubble of sundripping harmonies with a nagging bassline and kaleidoscopic lead lines to dazzle the ears.

Hot on the heels of Enjoyed’s debut EP, ‘Oscar’, comes a genre busting collection of remixes of the lead track ‘Paws’. Taking you from day to night are four translations from four very different artists, all making waves across the interwebular musical ocean.

Beginning with an interpretation from L.A. homeboys, NazcarNation, ‘Paws’ ventures into even sunnier territory with the help of numerous warped marimba patterns, broken beats and extra joyous vocal lines, which eventually erupt into a late evening beach party of talkative synths and playful bass lines.

Meanwhile, Brixton based duo, Glyphs, strip back the original into an adult lullaby, complete with dreamy arpeggios and a cradle rocking low end that will cause even the smallest hairs on your body to sway and vibrate.

Oxfordian instrumental Hip Hop guru, Vanilla, steps things up with his dusky sundown version, full to the brim with classic Dilla beats, writhing synths and enough funk to last several lifetimes. Bass is boss here and it paves the way for the super thick melodies and ghostly vocal stabs before leaving you stranded by the side of some unknown street.

Swirling, sensual synth-pop Balearica and electronics on a joint release between Loaf records and Shoes Off.

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Swirling, sensual synth-pop Balearica and electronics on a joint release between Loaf records and Shoes Off.