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Further Nuggets – Luke Vibert’s Selection

Remember 20 years ago when you were a kid, sick off school and all that was on was the science programmes, the girl with the clown playing noughts and crosses and Ceefax with music behind it? Well this collection of 26 library music tracks will track you back down memory lane. It’s music made for programme intro’s, talkovers and backgrounds with the smallest of fuss. No big artist names here just crazy titles like ‘Bumblebees Dance’, ‘Electro Twist’ and ‘Sound Industrial 15’. It’s all down on the 70’s funky moog type tip and might go down well with people who think the Pearl & Dean tune is funny. It’s all a bit amusing on the first listen but that’s about as far as it goes. Sort of thing someone would put on at the start of a party until a music lover turned up. Oh yeah, Luke Vibert compiled it. Like that really makes a difference. (Des Berry)


This striking sleeve for Lo Recordings’ most recent release of eclectic 1960s and 70s library music, compiled by techno guru Luke Vibert, was created by design duo Non-Format (previously known as EkhornForss). Modular fonts, originally designed by German type foundry Designershock, were used to create: “a semi-abstract illustration reminiscent of 1960s brutalist concrete sculptures”. The shapes force you to search for recognisable letterforms which, on closer inspection, are revealed in a spot varnish overprint.



Luke Vibert is the man behind Wagon Christ, Plug, Amen Andrews, Kerrier District and lots more, he’s recorded for Warp, Virgin, Mo Wax, Ninja and Rephlex label and along with fellow Cornish man Richard ‘Aphex’ James and Tom ‘Squarepusher’ Jenkinson was responsible for revolutionizing British electronica in the early 90’s.

 ”Compilation of the Month”, DAZED & CONFUSED

“Ego-Free inventiveness that easily matches Radiohead’s recent efforts” 8/10, NME

“It may be old music but it sounds incredibly futuristic” ★★★★ INDEPENDENT

“Just Imagine the TV that used this stuff!” ★★★★ GUARDIAN