What is a Song

Whats Happened to Saskia?


We are rising with the buzzard that missed half of the day, to join our man as he leads the children of sunblock in an exploration of what it is to disco at an early age.It will be Cursor for Kids. The early evening brings the 100 foot film screening to an end and the all rounders of the music and muse: Seftel and the company that includes poet Katherine Kinsella and Panos Ghikas of The Chap will delight and thwart us with an exploration of What is a song & When does it end?? This will be documented by several conflicted sources and relayed to the big screen in stereo if nothing else. Followed by the masters of the deep and the very deep ...Rome Pays Off formally (our very own) Rothko ..who with gentle vehemence and subtle outages weave a new sonic solution to the climax of the masterpiece Metropolis hen its off to see those lightweights of german culture on the main stage..