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'Skydive', the debut single from Astronauts, is getting a lot of love from the blogosphere.

Is it still possible to use the word “blogosphere” and not sound like an elderly time-traveller from 2002? It's debatable.

Anyway, the approval for 'Skydive' isn't really surprising, because it's lovely. Here are a few choice quotes...  

Sounds XP (UK): “... leaves a lovely psychedelic tingle on the tongue.”  

Three Beams (UK): “... richly textured and warmly fluffed pleasure... Beauty without the beast, if you will.”  

Bite The Belt (UK): “... everything about this floating piece of folk-esque, journey-inspiring, confines-breaking music breathes sad times turned anew.”  

Bucket Full Of Nails (US): “A thoughtful, airy ode to summer escapism.”  

SYFFAL(US): 1. “It's being up before everyone in the neighborhood, with the exception of the one guy mowing his lawn a block or so over.”

2. “Dude absolutely relaxed my whole shit, when I finally snapped out of it, I was laying face down in the back yard while my kid was running through the sprinkler and the wife was drinking spritzers. Skydive is the embodiment of perfection, delicate and tranquil perfection.”  


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Dan Digs (US) ('Skydive' track of the day 23/5/14)  

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Getting Near Dawn (UK)

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