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Astronauts press shot 1

'Hollow Ponds', the strange and wonderful debut full-length from Astronauts, has been out in the world for almost a month now, and the reaction to it has been absolutely lovely. Read on for some choice excerpts... Whisperin & Hollerin (UK) “Immaculately conceived and executed, ‘Hollow Ponds’ is an album that feels intensely personal and resonates on so many levels.” The Metropolist (UK) “... a collection of simple, atmospheric songs brought to life by some lush instrumentation and Carney’s soft harmonies.” Sounds XP (UK) “... wondrously hypnotic.” Shindig! Magazine (UK) “... a strange and wonderful brew that richly deserves top honours.” When You Motor Away (UK) “... the emotional weight of the songs is adeptly balanced by the thoughtful acoustic instrumentation, hushed vocals, ambient electronics, intriguing rhythms and... the judicious use of space.” Sputnik Music (UK) “... standing on the doorsteps of perfection.” Blogadeedog (US) “If Elliot Smith was a band, or still alive. Yes, that good.” Nara Is Near (US) “... (like) one long and beautiful song you'll want to keep on repeat.” The Wild Honey Pie (US) “... (a) beautiful collection of songs.” Stationary Travels (UK) “a delicately poised blend of folk, pop, and electronic elements with an airy acoustic feel”. Projecto Cellophane (Portugal) “'Hollow Ponds' is... a little box of surprises, a piece of magic that lurks behind the door where they hide all the good secrets.” Penny Black Music (UK) “... a very eclectic and enjoyable album.” Other 'Hollow Ponds' reviews... Autres Directions (France) Indie Rock Mag (France) Electrophone (France) Dans Le Mur Du Son (France) A Decouvrir Absolument (France) Comme Un Killer Sotto Il Sole (Italy) Musical Shuttle (Russia)

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