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In the second half of the 70s, Paris was ‘free thinking’, the economy was healthy, the baguette cost 1 franc (€ 0.15) and the outlook was good, with nice girls (girlfriends) and good guys (friends). It was a fine time, I was going to dance clubs, and I did not need to pay the entrance. I also found I could drink for free: I would sit at a table of old guys and berate them about their "zero ideas and poor policy." That always annoyed them and they would invite me to drink with them while they tried to convince me of my mistakes! Actually, I've always thought the future would be rather redneck, and I think it is today. I hear the same sentences for sixty years in the mouths of énarques or of those with "no teeth"; Technology has made the world happier, but just more dependent and gullible. And a gullible man is the preferred food of the predator. However, the 2000’s were a real godsend for me: Thanks to Lo Recordings who released my new material I was able to show the public that I really existed and that my talent was not dead. With my live shows I was able to prove that my work was not the producers but rather my own. All my life I survived music by compromising with crooked merchants. I was hoping for better than 60 years, but I have to thank the artists who helped me. Today I feel I am really Black Devil instead of Bernard Fevre because Fevre was born in 1946 and Black Devil in 1978. So if I am Black Devil I am 37 years young! Bernard Fevre, Paris, December 2014

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