Dead Seem Old receives a whole lotta love…


Pardon the cheesy headline, but it's really the most appropriate description we can muster for what's been happening, as the debut single from Dead Seem Old - the brilliant 'They Won't Find Us' - has been receiving praise from all over the place. Well, mainly the internet, but still - all over the place. Some choice quotes are reproduced below, for your entertainment. Click the links to read the original reviews.

“Some smooth ass shit.” SYFFAL (US)

“New hidden treasure unearthed by the excellent label Lo Recordings.” Electrophone (France)

Incredibly catchy and stompingly contagious.” I Heart Moosiq (US)

“We can’t wait to hear more.” Cougar Microbes (UK)

“A compelling, beautifully layered slice of contemporary guitar pop.” Take A Shot (Latvia)

“A beautiful and intriguing piece of acoustic guitar pop” Record Rewind Play (UK)

“A cool breeze coming across the water.” Under Bright Lights (US)


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